Karen’s Fly Thanksgiving Mad-Lib

Karen Hitchcock MadLib

You know the drill.

You know the drill. The naughtier, the better.

Our Thanksgiving Feast

This Thanksgiving, our family decided to have everyone over to
__________ (verb) and __________(verb) together. Usually, we fly to
__________ and celebrate by _________(ing verb) a _________(animal)
over a fire-_______(noun) with the locals. But ever since grandma
pulled her __________(noun) during ___________ (noun) class, we
haven’t been able to travel that far.

So here we are, in ___________(place), ready to make the big
Thanksgiving meal. I know it may sound ________(adjective), but our
family prefers to eat ___________(exotic animal) as the main course.
We serve this with a side of finely sliced _____________(plural noun),
one big ____________(noun) and a delicate compote made of pig
__________ (body part). We wash it down with the most expensive
__________(fluid) we can find.

The young kids all help by setting the __________(noun) and making
sure everything is___________(adjective). Then they run through the
house _____________(adverb), at least ___________(number) times
chanting: “________(exclamation)!” This is when the fun begins.

In the meantime, the adults are gossiping about the latest problems
facing_________(reality star) and trying to decide whose life is the
biggest mess. Of course, the family always picks on _______(person in
the room) first, because  (he/she) has the biggest ________(noun) and
everyone is secretly jealous about that. ___________(previous person
listed) gets so upset that (he/she) picks up the (his/her)
_________(noun) and chucks it at _________(another person in the
room). But instead of hitting _______________(previous person), the
_________(previous noun) hit grandma in her  ______________(body
part). Subsequently, she fell backwards, which then knocked off her
___________(article of clothing), much to everyone’s surprise.  We
leaned over to see if she was seriously hurt, but she wasn’t. All she
did was bang her _____________(body part) against the
_____________(noun), which caused her to _________________(verb)
uncontrollably. We all got a good laugh at that, even grandma.

After all that excitement, we decided it was time to eat.  Everyone
was served their meal in the traditional ____________(item from the
kitchen) and before you knew it, we were full and needed to loosen our
__________(article of clothing). You know the drill after that –
probably just like your traditional Thanksgiving day. The men clean up
the dishes, while the women go in the living room to ___________(verb)
and watch some ____________(kind of television program).

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