Does this headband make my head look small?

Does this flower make my head look small?

I know I’m a mother of boys and so am intrinsically unqualified to make statements about baby girl fashion. And this is kinda cute.  But, I can’t help but both gasp and giggle at this image, which I ran across on

I guess I shouldn’t be too critical, because aren’t we all just “faking it until we’re making it,” after all? This isn’t a far cry from the men’s comb over, or the tummy-sucking Spanx or the fake eyelashes or whatever else it is that we’re doing to hide who we really are.  This new year, I’m going to resolve to be even more myself — get in touch with my inner goober, even more than I already do. And I’ll start with this embarrassing disclosure.

I had a businesses meeting today and walked out feeling great about myself and the meeting, only to look in a mirror shortly thereafter and realize my zipper was down. I fought the urge to beat myself up too much and instead, am having a really good laugh at myself. To answer Ricky Gervais’ punch line, “Are you having a laugh?” Yes, I am. At myself. Now, let’s hope this poor baby model has the same sense of humor when she grows up to look at this ridiculous flower pot someone put on her head.

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