My dog has more fun on Facebook than I do.

Creative Gun Consulting Mascot

We all suffer humiliation for our craft.

In response to some family encouragement, I created a Facebook page for my dog, Pebbles the Great Dane.  Don’t worry, I am pretty self-aware that:

  1. This is completely obnoxious, and
  2. This action solidly casts me in the same light as that lady in your office with the framed cat photos on her desk, and
  3. Maybe I need more time out of the house.

But before you judge too much, Pebbles’ Facebook page has yielded some interesting “marketing stuff.” And yes, I will be leveraging this new insight in all sorts of professional, non-obnoxious ways, for the benefits of <gasp> humans.

I manage a couple business Facebook pages and interestingly, Pebbles, at only 51 fans, had more page views than a business with nearly 400 fans.  In fact, Pebbles has had almost 14,000 page views in just a month. That’s pretty impressive, even if FB stats seem a bit squishy.

This confirms two things. One, that if you can let loose and have a little fun with a business or celebrity page, you should. Too many business FB pages are too dry or too “pitchy.”  In my opinion, and I’m not alone here, so many businesses try to figure out what they can get out the FB relationships. Instead, focus on what your fans will get by connecting with you. Add content, add humor, add value.

A couple FB pages that I think do a great job include: Mashable, and just about anything from the Showtime and HBO series programming (like Bill Maher, Californication, Weeds, etc). On a local level (Madison, WI), I’ve really enjoyed being friends with Haywood Simmons, a partner in Champion Style Athletics. Even though I have not had an opportunity to take a fitness class with him yet, he has done a great job using social media to educate potential customers. I can count on Simmons to offer a motivational quote, an exercise challenge or even an idea for a healthy meal. These are things that add value to my news feed, rather than junk it up.

Pebbles, for example, doses out scathing remarks and observations on the canine/human condition. Apparently, people want to be told off by a dog. And who is Pebbles to deny the bipeds what they really want?

Would love to hear about  your favorite Facebook pages and if you want to friend in Pebbles to see what she’s up to, I’ll put in a good word for you.

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