Scenes from a Capitol

Madison, WI protest

I love the creativity in the crowd

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat,  or Teabagger (yeah, I said it), you can’t help but marvel at the freedom we have to protest our own government.

I took my kids to the Capitol Building yesterday so they could experience, first-hand, a real, honest-to-god protest. They really didn’t really have a frame of reference, since they are young and have had fairly insular lives, but even they seemed to appreciate the energy and the power of the people.

And I appreciated, very profoundly, that I could walk straight into my Capitol Building without fear of reprisal for myself, my family or my friends. I wasn’t frisked, nor did I have to walk through a weapons detector.  How many people in the world can do that?

Madison, Wisconsin Scene

More importantly, what other country offers the freedom to wear these shoes?



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