Pay attention to the little things

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in big picture planning that we sometimes overlook the little things that make a place or company great. In fact, I’ll argue that if some of your details are incredibly special, you may be able to get over some pretty big flaws.

Example? Sure! Right now I’m basking in the Bahamas at Compass Point resort (and writing this on an iPhone so forgive typos). This resort is all about sweet little details, which make it easy to forgive overpriced and slightly overcooked fish. Established by the founder of Island Records, this is the anti-tourist spot that places a premium on the little things.

Our room features CDs from the top recording artists who stayed here while they were recording. Or those produced by Island.

Aveda products pepper the modest bathroom, top shelf alcohol is served without fanfare, staff is attentive but not sacharin, everything is clean but not so clean that you wonder what that bleach smell is hiding…wi-fi is (gasp) free!

This place is amazing but doesn’t smack of being too in love with itself. Unlike perhaps the Atlantis, although I admit I’ve not been there. I did, however, spy the monstrosity in the distance.

I’m not coming to any snappy conclusions here, because it is after all, time for another daiquiri. But let me say this. Get some details right and your customers will be more forgiving when some of your big-picture stuff goes bonkers. Which, inevitably, it sometimes will.


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One Response to Pay attention to the little things

  1. I agree – and sometimes it’s the little things, not the big, overcomplicated and we’ve completely over-engineered it things that make the biggest difference in a customer experience. The key to making “things” work consistently is to make sure you have a system to support them – chapter 15 of the E-Myth Revisited does a brilliant job of explaining how to do this.

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