Spirit Airlines Gets Ballsy

Spirit Airlines Hard

Not interested in weiner sales. I'm a vegetarian.

My favorite metaphorical marketing punching bag is Spirit Airlines because I think their marketing efforts are a bumbling mess. If you don’t know how I got turned onto Spirit’s campaigns, read my previous post about an “epic” marketing fail near Passover. I’ve found nearly everything they’ve done either offensive or ridiculous. For that reason, I’ve kept my email subscription active. If nothing else, they provide a cautionary reminder of what NOT to do with clients.

But today I find myself incredibly conflicted about Spirit Airlines most recent email. This morning, my inbox boasted a pretty ballsy subject line, even for Spirit: “Want to See Our Weiner?” with the following sub headline: “Fares too HARD to resist.”

WHOA, hold the phone! I cannot decide how I feel about this! This is either the most brilliant socially and politically relevant email I’ve ever received or another epic, offensive marketing fail. I need to let this question simmer for a few days to decide where I stand on the issue.

Either way, they definitely caught my attention, even if they didn’t earn it. So I ask you…is it enough to catch your attention or does a company need to earn it too?

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2 Responses to Spirit Airlines Gets Ballsy

  1. Attention-grabbing, for sure. But is “ballsy” what we really want in an airline? 😉

    “Hello, this is your pilot, Captain Underpants. We’ve been instructed to turn back to avoid a dangerous storm ahead. But that’s just not how we roll here at Spirit Airlines. I say let’s go for it! Who’s with me?!”

    Seriously, though… Spirit launched an IPO on May 25, intending to use half of the expected $300M cash from the IPO to pay down debt. Unfortunately, the stock debuted at only $12 per share (25% less than they expected), quickly fell to about $11, and is still hovering around $12. It looks like they still have about $372M in debt on their books. While this of course makes me feel better about my credit cards and student loans, it doesn’t look good for Spirit. I’m obviously no market analyst, but after just a few minutes of research, I’m ready to recommend this stock as definitely a “sell.” Problem is that the major stockholders are the CEO (our pal, Ben Baldanza) and the organizations they owed money to before the IPO… Ballsy? Very.

  2. Melissa Anunson says:

    Marketing 101: Every communication you send needs to reflect your brand. Between Matza and hotdogs, Spirit is either flip…or hungry. Neither adjective I’d like in my chosen airline.

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