You are the company you keep.

I just can’t say enough good things about my new gig at SLM Technology, LLC, aka SoLoMo. Of course, it’s wonderful to have a beautiful office space and great view in a hip downtown location. But one can easily have these perks and still be miserable. Like many things in life, the veneer can be amazing (car? house? looks?), but it’s core that holds the value.

What gets me energized each morning and what makes my office a great place to be is the people with whom I work. Call me cheesy, sappy, sentimental or dorky…I don’t care. People are what matter and if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by professional, smart and funny people, count your blessings!

Kyle, Brian, Hatem, Jared, Charles, Caesar, Ilham, Steve, Megan, Liz, Ilirijan, Ethan, Maks, Ozcan, Tanya and Justice – these are the people that make SoLoMo a great company. They are opinionated, intelligent, culturally savvy, witty and just plain fun to be around. They make each day rewarding and interesting. They respond to the pressure of deadlines with grace, humor and tenacity and in doing so, challenge me to do the same.

We are the company we keep so I plan to keep this company, if you get my drift. And Liz Eversoll, I think that makes me pretty fabulous, don’t you? Can I get that in writing?

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