I may be a millionaire! Twice removed.

Gain Forrest Pando Parker G

Yes, this video rocks. And smells fresh too.

Good teaser, non? Oui, oui!

I actually don’t really have millionaire prospects, at least not at 8:57 on a Wednesday night. But I do know someone who does…my nephew, Forrest Pando. He is just a few months shy of a cinema degree at Virginia Commonwealth University and has already built a nice portfolio of commercial and editorial work. I’ve even hired him on behalf of Liz Eversoll to shoot and edit a video on Cloud Technologies. (He’s not a professional per say, since he’s still a student. But he thinks like one. And that’s what will separate him from the pack.)

Now, despite how sexy a Cloud Technology video is, Forrest is involved in something even sexier. He and a couple friends wrote, produced, filmed and edited a short advertisement for Gain detergent as part of a brilliant Gain social media campaign. Check out Gain’s contest and the top 25 contests for the big prize. And of course, vote for Forrest’s video, which is listed under Parker G. It’s fun, clever and as a marketing consultant, I can see that his idea has legs. Of the well-clad, fresh smelling, million-buck variety.

Of course a million dollars sounds awesome. And it will be impressive to know someone who won something like that. But what I’m really impressed with is the Gain campaign. What a great way to spread the word about your product, increase your following, engage in dialogue and actually partner with your customers.

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