Middleton Bike Race Gets Me Out Of Bed

Centurion Bike Race

Luckily, Trek provided a faster 2 wheeler than these sweet bikes I snapped in Rome

I’m constantly preaching to friends, family and clients to, as the big boys at Nike say, “just do it.”  That’s pretty much my attitude in all things…I mean, life is short, business competition is tough, and you don’t get a cookie at the end of it all for playing it safe. So why not throw all your crazy ideas on the table and act on one or some of them? At least, every once in a while.

I practiced what I preach last Friday when a friend signed me up at 6pm for a 25-mile bike race set for the next day at 7:30AM–Centurion Race in Middleton, Wisconsin. I hesitated. There were a bunch of reasons NOT to do this ride including, but not limited to:

  • I hadn’t been on my bike in 14 months
  • I’ve been too busy to exercise so I’m ridiculously out of shape
  • Once/week soccer games don’t train you for a bike race
  • Sleeping in on Saturday morning rocks
  • I’m too old for those tight pants
  • Where are my cycling shoes, anyway?

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I said yes. Here’s why:

  • I haven’t been on my bike in 14 months. That’s a cryin’ shame!
  • It’s been a while since I’ve smelled cow manure in the country…that’ll wake you up!
  • Sleeping is overrated
  • Everyone wears those tight pants and few look good in them
  • Cycling is awesome

When you say yes to something when you really want to say no, you grow just a little (or maybe a lot?).  Do it on a personal level and you build your confidence. Do it professionally and you just might build your opportunities.

As a side note, I’m also glad I rode on Saturday because I reconnected with Sara from Trek Stores of Madison. I love Trek because they are so involved in the community. They sponsor some great rides, promote the sport of cycling and the benefits of bike commuting. The people who work for Trek are amazing, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and fun.

Trek provides a good model for marketing in a community. How can you enrich the experience your customers have with your products? How can you enrich the community as a whole? How can you provide a great workplace culture that keeps talented staff committed to you.

How can you say “yes” when your natural inclination is to say no?

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