1337 topics, coming up

Creative Gun Consulting and SoLoMo

Gotta love a place that lets you invite zombies.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Probably not, because I’ve been busy actually working. Being part of a “start-up” is taxing on one’s time and energy, but in the best possible way.

I love working with SoLoMo for lots of reasons. First of all, I now know what 1337 means. And no, it’s not a number. I also am well-informed that SoLoMo is ftw. If you’d like to get in the loop, check this out.

Another reason I love working with the cast and crew of SoLoMo is that I get to trust some crazy ideas. Like, for example, throwing a brain-eating zombie on an invitation for an educational workshop we’re hosting. I don’t believe I’ve ever had this much creative flexibility. No intractable logo standards. No aversion to risk taking. No hesitancy to play.

If you’re a business leader, I encourage you to take a few more risks with your copy, your design and maybe even your image. No, you don’t have to go so far as putting zombies on your creative. But throwing a little more brain into it can’t hurt.

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