Faster than a speeding bullet. Whaaa?

Karen HItchcock and SoLoMo

Better faster than a speeding bullet than faster than a bullet at rest. How silly!

I happened upon a really great post today in my LinkedIn news feed. ZDnet offered Dion Hinchcliffe’s musings on the speed of technology and the gap between where things are going and where enterprise organizations currently are. It’s a gap that’s widening and widening fast.

At SoLoMo, we frequently discuss this gap because technology and business are so intertwined these days that a gap doesn’t mean a problem for your IT department. A technology gap is a big problem for your entire business. Products, services, information. Everything is available, much of it free, via mobile devices and companies that aren’t poised to keep up are at a serious disadvantage. As Hinchcliffe points out in his article, business isn’t just moving fast, it’s fundamentally changing. Companies that want to rise to the top of this evolutionary ladder need to make sure that they don’t atrophy. Think about FedEX and UPS…their emergence as logistics superstars radically changed the way that products were delivered and customer accounts were managed. FedEx didn’t affect the business landscape, it altered it for good.

So, what is business to do? SoLoMo will dole out some advice to help you navigate this new landscape. Of course, you need a strategy. You need effective tactics. You need to plan the work and work the plan. These are a given. And certainly we can help you do that.

But the first step is to rethink your relationship with IT. Get your sales, marketing, financial and IT managers together and start building a team that can work together toward the common business goals. If you have a culture of “no”, you’ll need to retool it to a culture of “yes.” If your IT guy says “you can’t secure mobile devices,” understand his concerns, then tell him how your company needs to grow and ask, “how can you design a security plan that gets me there.” Build friends not foes.

And hey, while you’ve got that IT guy on the horn, ask him a question for me. Why is Superman faster than a “speeding” bullet? Isn’t it a given that the bullet is speeding? Does it not suffice to say he’s faster than a bullet? Comic-Con fans (I know there are a couple in your IT department), weigh in!

Thanks for reading, Karen

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