What Goodbye Parties Tell You about a Company

Once I worked for a company that didn’t give goodbye parties. In one of my first weeks, another employee left and I asked my boss, “aren’t we going to do lunch or something to send her off?” The reply was rather surprising considering this person was leaving to advance her career. “No, we just let people go quietly, we only celebrate when they start.”

I thought of this anecdote this past week because I transitioned to a new company. My boss, Liz Eversoll was disappointed that was leaving, but encouraging for the new opportunity. She said, “well, we’ll need to throw quite the party and the door is open to

Karen Hitchcock HR Advice

Just because your employee moves on, doesn’t mean she should be dead to you.

you!” What a difference in attitude. I think bosses who send off good employees with so much positive energy are:

  • Confident leaders who value people
  • Cognizant that the world is a small place and good relationships now mean more opportunity in the future
  • Aware that if their employee gets a better or different opportunity, that is the way things should be. The job of a good company [besides profit of course] is to grow its employees and to continue to help people advance their careers. Some companies are big enough to even create advancement within.

All this being said, you can imagine how pleased I was last week when I started at a new company, MEDSEEK, at the time another woman is leaving. The office is throwing a goodbye lunch for her to wish her well!

No company, no boss, no employee, no contractor is perfect. But I advise that if you’re looking for a change, in your next interview ask your new boss: “What do you do when an employee leaves?”

If they treat employees well on their last day, I’d argue it might be a pretty nice place to work. Good luck in your search!

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