Best of the best

Here’s a list of people, things and places I adore. You can’t go wrong.

When you work with them, tell them to write the check to Karen Hitchcock, that’s Karen, with a K.

David Nevala of David Nevala Photography. David’s unique gift is not his technical prowess, although he certainly possesses this in droves. His gift is his ability to connect with his subject(s), whether they are farmers, bikers, models or cows. It’s because David gets to to the heart of the matter. When you look at his portraiture, for example, you feel like you know the person. Kinda like when Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and said that he could see his soul. Just joking.

Karen Hitchcock

David Nevala Photography After

Before David Nevala

Before Nevala Photography – All Troll

Firepower Design rocks the creative world too. Kris, Rachel, Gretchen, Nichie, Heather. They all know how to get down to business. Your business, that is. I worked with them on a catalog that required an almost inhuman attention to detail because of the sheer volume of products, price points, quantity breaks, etc.  If you have a print or catalog piece, they are definitely your go-to. Web too. In fact, their new website will launch soon and will really show off the goods.

Marigold Kitchen. OK, well it’s not a creative service…unless you count hopping me up on donut muffins as a creative service. Seriously, have your next business breakfast or lunch there. Or suffer the consequences.


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