Bragging rights

I’m fortunate to work with some great clients.

When you work with me, you’ll get creative ideas and a careful, collaborative approach. A while ago, I received an email from Rick Sanders of Park Printing Solutions, with whom I worked on a large-scale print project:

“I forgot to tell you what a hit this was. Thanks for coming up with the idea.” November 2010

I have the ability to be creative and organized (those two qualities don’t always go hand-in-hand).  A few years ago, I was humbled to receive praise from one of the best photographers in the country.

“As a photographer, a good producer makes or breaks a shoot. I would be relieved to know Karen is producing any of my future photoshoots.

Along with trying to further the overall creative direction of a traditional company, Karen’s production of our shoots together was excellent. I’m not used to having draft shoot schedules weeks prior to the shoot. That’s just one example of a smooth project flow that Karen puts together. Her company repeatedly had aggressive shot lists to complete along with location changes and multiple talent. Along with organizing talent and locations prior to the shoot itself, during the shoots Karen actively propped and dressed each scene according to the context of each shot. As an artist herself, she understands the stylistic nuance of propping, wardrobe, and the suggestion of context without being too literal. Security was even provided on one shoot, thanks to Karen’s diligence to every last detail.

Karen’s photoshoot production always resulted in an efficient and smooth day of shooting.” David Nevala of David Nevala Photography

One of the most amazing professionals I know, and kick-ass female professional to boot, is Kathryne Auerback, Director of Program Development at the Edgewood College School of Business. Once upon a time, Kathryne hired me to paint a cow for the 2006 Cows on Parade public art show in Madison, Wisconsin.  If you’re wondering, I have no idea where this cow is today. It was purchased in the online auction, for top dollar, and I haven’t seen her since.

“Karen is an energetic, creative, talented and all-around fabulous woman. We commissioned her to paint our “Cows on Parade” cow. She was a pleasure to work with, impeccably professional yet warm and fun. Thanks to her incredible execution of the work, our cow brought the highest price in the online auction at over $10,000.” December 1, 2007

Rachel Bohn, of Firepower Design says,

“Karen is an excellent resource for us. We have worked with her on numerous occasions and have always been extremely pleased with the end result. She is full of valuable suggestions and her high energy is certainly contagious! We will continue to work with Karen, and highly recommend her work.” December 7, 2010

Need more to go on? Not convinced? I’ve got additional shameless self-promo and pics.


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