Shameless Self-Promo

I’ve been fortunate to work on some very fun projects–from selling and marketing nametags (more fun that it sounds) to copy writing for insurance companies (about as fun as it sounds) to planning large events. I was particularly excited to be managing editor of Madison Verve’s Scene & Style.

Although no longer around, it sure made a splash in Madison and I had a ball working on the project.

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Madison Verve Scene & Style cover concept and look, Karen Hitchcock. Photographer, Cris Comello. Publisher, James Tye. Model, Tova Thomas.  Wardrobe provided by Suzanne Smelcer ( and Jessica Ploessl (

The Window Valet ad design for Brava Magazine, Karen Hitchcock.

Karen Hitchcock design for KEVA Sports Center

KEVA gets creative

It’s also good fun to come up with ideas for email campaigns and events for KEVA Sports Center. Here’s a snapshot of an email sent just in November 2010, promoting a new program.


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